TRA Membership

Tax representative alliance

About the Tax Representative Alliance

The Tax Representative Alliance (TRA) is an association of Independent VAT specialists from several countries. They are accountants, lawyers or tax advisors, who handle the VAT affairs of foreign companies and groups as tax representatives in their states.

Together with the other TRA members we can provide crossborder VAT representation and VAT advisory services. In particular, we can coordinate the VAT registration of a Company in several European countries and then later the monthly or quarterly compliance. The client has the advantage that they can have only one point of contact with us, if preferred, and then we handle their VAT aff airs in the other European countries with our TRA colleagues.

Large stock market listed groups, airlines and manufacturers located all over the world are clients of TRA members, as well as medium-sized companies and smaller firms, such as Amazon dealers.

VAT Services

The TRA members can provide companies and business clients with the following services:

  • VAT registration of a foreign company
  • VAT representation of a foreign company before the local tax authorities
  • Application for a national VAT ID number for a foreign company
  • Application for a customs registration (EORI number)
  • Preparation of the monthly, quarterly or annual VAT returns
  • Preparation of EC sales list
  • Preparation of other reports that may be required (e.g. Intrastat)
  • Claims for VAT refunds
  • Review of incoming and outgoing invoices according to national VAT rules to avoid tax risks
  • Review of VAT assessment notes
  • Handling correspondence with the national tax authorities and other fi nancial authorities
  • VAT consulting regarding exemption rules, payments, tax rates etc.
  • In the case of problems, handling objections and legal claims